Ways to prepare now to keep winter utility bills manageable

The Michigan Public Service Commission details money-saving tips for the upcoming heating season.

Michigan Public Service Commission 
Contact: Matt Helms

With summer drawing to an end, now is a good time to think about winter and heating your home.The Michigan Public Service Commission today is urging Michiganders to plan ahead to make sure your utility bills are manageable when the weather turns cold.

Space heating in Michigan homes takes up about 55 percent of a household’s energy use annually, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. Here are six things to do to prepare your home and household budget for winter bills:

  • Contact a certified professional and schedule a furnace tune-up so it runs more efficiently. Replace filters regularly; clogged filters make a furnace work harder. If replacing the furnace, look for the ENERGY STAR logo, which indicates a high-efficiency product.
  • Discuss with your utility provider programs that can help to manage costs. Ask about or sign up for demand response or time-of-use programs, a budget plan, low-income assistance, active duty military shutoff protection or a winter protection plan.

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