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By answering the questions of others, you have an opportunity to improve the industry around you, help peers, build your personal brand, and receive recognition for your knowledge.

We help ensure that the rules of the road for suppliers, brokers and individual agents in the competitive energy markets in the United States are understood and clear. We operate an agent registration and licensing program that includes qualifying exams and continuing education requirements so that consumers can feel confident that the market can work. To make this happen, member companies agree to allow our examiners to take a close look at the way they operate, with a focus on the greatest risk to the consumers and consumer protection. We conduct routine examinations, as well as inquires based on customer complaints and suspicious activity. We also review advertisements, websites, sales brochures and other communications to make sure consumers are getting information in a fair and balanced manner.

The mission is to safeguard the energy consuming public against fraud and bad practices in the marketplace. Our goal is to solve this with a fair, balanced, inclusive market where everyone can buy electricity and natural gas with confidence.

Explaining the complex energy industry to inform customers. We believe an essential component of consumer protection is education. We provide consumers with tools and resources that can help them make wise energy decisions. We offer free resources about energy markets and avoiding fraud, including online calculators and consumer alerts.

When problems between suppliers or brokers and consumers occur, we administer a forum specifically designed to resolve disputes. Our dispute resolution forum assists homeowners and businesses with making sure they get great value from the competitive energy industry and helps inform us and industry regulators with information to continue to improve the marketplace.

Our goal is to safeguard the energy consuming public against fraud and bad practices in the marketplace.

learn from tools and resources that can help you make wise industry decisions

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