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Finding a job in the deregulated energy industry can be challenging as it is a tight-knit community.  Our goal for is to help individuals in our industry connect, network, and build industry credentials by sharing content and conversation on our site.  In the jobs area you will find jobs exclusive to the deregulated energy space.

We welcome listings for jobs in all areas of the deregulated utility spectrum:

  • Retail energy jobs (including suppliers/REPs/ESCOs, aggregators, brokers, consultants, mass market/door-to-door/telemarketing opportunities
  • Demand response jobs (including regional DR companies – e.g. LAAR, curtailment services, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency jobs (including power factor correction, lighting retrofits, cogeneration, HVAC, predominant use studies)
  • Solar energy jobs (including utility scale, PV Manufacturing/distribution, residential & commercial solar sales, installers, community solar, farm developers, etc.)
  • Wholesale market jobs (traders, QSEs, risk management, supply, resource adequacy)
  • Deregulated energy technology jobs (software, hardware, connectivity, data & analytics)
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Are you a recruiter? Please read more about our recruiter outreach efforts in the deregulated energy industry.  Or you can simply post a FREE job listing here.

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