Innovative Partnerships Redefine Plastic Recycling Standards

  Alterra has successfully converted hard-to-recycle plastics collected through the Hefty ReNew program and pre-processed by Firstar Fiber, Inc., back into their original building blocks. These are now being utilized in new plastic production and other valuable products. This vital collaboration helps divert plastics from landfills, significantly reduce the reliance on virgin fossil-derived materials, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional new plastic production or incineration. The Hefty ReNew program is designed to recover hard-to-recycle plastics, providing a convenient solution for residents and businesses to increase waste diversion from landfills. This program complements existing recycling efforts with the official Hefty ReNew orange bags, which are available for purchase at local retailers and can be filled with difficult-to-recycle items. Once filled, these bags are placed directly in recycling bins or dropped off at designated recycling locations. The program runs in select communities throughout the U.S. Related Content:  Hefty EnergyBag, Hefty Renew Program Educational Resources At the forefront of processing innovation, Firstar Fiber, Inc. sorts and processes the notoriously hard-to-recycle plastics from the Hefty ReNew orange bags. By transforming these materials into plastic feedstock cubes, Firstar Fiber enhances the usability of waste plastics in remanufacturing processes, thus addressing the challenge posed […]

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