Going Below the Surface with CDP’s Latest Insights

The just released CDP Below the Surface report sheds light on the environmental footprint of corporations, revealing both strides and stumbles in the journey towards sustainability. In its comprehensive 2023 analysis, the CDP has illuminated significant concerns regarding corporate environmental reporting, suggesting that many businesses may not be fully acknowledging or reporting the breadth of their environmental impacts. Despite over 23,000 companies participating, a mere 140 have reported across all adverse impact metrics monitored by CDP. As companies across the globe navigate the complexities of environmental reporting and impact mitigation, the CDP’s comprehensive analysis offers a critical lens on the corporate world’s role in addressing environmental challenges. A Closer Look at Corporate Environmental Reporting The report underscores a pivotal concern: the substantial underreporting of adverse environmental impacts by corporations. Despite a slight reduction in Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions, indicating a move in the right direction, the data reveals a significant gap in comprehensive reporting and ambitious action across sectors. The transition towards renewable energy sources emerges as a bright spot, with a marked increase in renewable energy consumption highlighting a shift in corporate energy strategies. Yet, the overall stability in energy consumption since 2020 points to a need for further […]

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