Equatic to Build North America’s First Large-Scale Ocean-Based Carbon Capture Plant

Equatic, a carbon removal company, along with project developer Deep Sky, has announced the commencement of engineering for North America’s first commercial-scale ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) facility. Located in Quebec, this groundbreaking plant is designed to capture 109,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually while producing 3,600 tonnes of green hydrogen each year. When completed, it will be the largest facility of its kind globally, positioning Equatic to achieve a CDR cost of under $100 per tonne by 2030. Strategic Development Following Global Milestones This initiative builds on the momentum from Equatic’s recent Equatic-1 demonstration project, which started in Tuas, Singapore in May 2024. Equatic was also recently recognized as a semifinalist in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchase Pilot Prize. This program aims to identify and support companies that provide high-integrity carbon removal solutions, facilitating the procurement of their carbon removal credits. Edward Muller, Chairman of Equatic, highlighted the strategic advantages of Quebec for the plant’s location. “Governing bodies around the world emphatically assert the need for accessible, cost-effective, and permanent carbon removal solutions, at low-cost, and with low energy requirements. Our commercial-scale development speaks directly to that need. Quebec is the perfect location […]

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