CETI Unveils Breakthrough in Wastewater Remediation Technology

Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. (CETI) is an international company focused on environmental remediation of oil/sludge, water, and soil. The company has developed safe, cost-effective remediation systems incorporating 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and SCADA, alongside non-chemical bio-remedial materials. CETI’s core business model centers on cleaning oil/sludge ponds, storage tanks, oil spills, mining sites, and other contaminated industrial wastewater and soil projects. CETI’s Proprietary and Environmentally Friendly Solutions CETI has announced today a significant technological advancement for removing insecticides, nitrates, phosphates, and cyanide from heavily contaminated agricultural, industrial, and mining wastewater. This innovation holds profound implications for potable water, given that agriculture alone accounts for approximately 70% of the global water consumption annually. The runoff from agricultural activities can significantly impact available potable water, as traditional methods often struggle to fully remediate these chemicals, which are notoriously challenging, time-consuming, and costly to remove. CETI’s proprietary products and systems leverage environmentally friendly biologics, eliminating the need for chemical inputs. This simplifies the remediation process, reducing both operational costs and initial capital outlay. The company’s water remediation approach achieves a much higher Standard Removal Proficiency, with a 100% removal efficiency that surpasses traditional methods such as ADS/DEP, […]

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